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Siddhant @grimsteel Posted on
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There are a lot more "exciting" features coming up! The "most exciting" one would probably be search, solely because search right now is kind of broken if you haven't noticed already. The new search implementation will among other things, order your results correctly, let you filter by more than 10 collections, and let you use "advanced" searching functionality like: description:wow this is some cool text that might be in a set description.

One thing that I won't be implementing is searching inside the actual terms and definitions. That's too much content to search through especially for the larger sets.

The next cool fancy amazing better-than-quizlet feature is Vocabustudy Live! Yay. Now you might be thinking that Quizlet already has it - Quizlet Live. But be honest. Is Quizlet Live really that fun? If one person on your team gets it wrong in teams mode, the whole team pays the price. Vocabustudy Live is much better. It's also completely different. Think more Pear Deck crossed with Nearpod. A host can start a session by choosing a Study Guide. Everybody advances through the questions and the readings at the same pace, but there's a chat for people to discuss the answers and how they got them.

There also might be a "collaborative annotating" thing where everyone can annotate the same ~primary source~ reading and a questions/answer section for specific questions.

This entire thing is meant for one purpose: to make people get good grades on history tests. Let me know what you think about it

Offline sets are also coming soon (quizlet pro feature) and maybe local autosaving in the set editor

By the way did you know rich text formatting is also a Quizlet Pro feature? Well in Vocabustudy, you can use Markdown to format basically everything. And if you know HTML you can use that too. Ask Michael if you want to know why you can't use CSS.