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Siddhant @grimsteel Posted on
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So the Quizlet Converter bookmarklet is kind of annoying

It's also annoying to maintain because:

  1. I have to edit a oneliner
  2. You have to keep copying the link if I update it (also I think it's broken rn because Quizlet)

I have a "better" idea: a Chrome Extension!

I'm thinking it will have a couple main features:

  1. Going to https://vocabustudy.org/quizlet/12345678/view/ will bring up a temporary set that has the same terms as the Quizlet set. No login required for Quizlet or Vocabustudy!
  2. Going to https://vocabustudy.org/quizlet/12345678/edit/ will bring up the set editor with the quizlet set prefilled. You can edit the set and save it as a Vocabustudy set from there
  3. Going to https://quizlet.com/12345678/slug/vocabustudy/ will redirect to #1
  4. A link will be added to the Quizlet set view page that redirects to #1

Example URLs for this states map set: https://quizlet.com/2334472/us-states-map-flash-cards/

  1. https://vocabustudy.org/quizlet/2334472/view/
  2. https://vocabustudy.org/quizlet/2334472/edit/
  3. https://quizlet.com/2334472/us-states-map-flash-cards/vocabustudy/

obviously they don't work right now because you need the hypothetical extension

The bookmarklet will continue to be maintained for usage on school devices

Also side note but the district disabled the inspector 😭

Anyway let me know what you think and if you would want this feature on the feedback form, Discord Server, by email, mail, postcard, word of mouth, carrier pigeon, telepathy, etc